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Zintec Steel Powder Coated Planters

Zintec steel is the perfect choice for the powder coated planter ensuring a long life and an excellent finish. Zintec Planter’s are great to use if you require a cost-effective fully welded seamless powder coated container.

Electro-Zinc Coated Steel sheet or Zintec is a rolled material that has been electrolytically coated with a thin layer of zinc. We can manufacture almost any size and customise the planters to your requirements.

The powder coating process allows your planter to be finished in almost any colour. Our powders are selected from the RAL or BS colour system giving you a choice of over 250 colours. Powder-coated planters can also be finished in satin, matte or gloss.

Colours are subject to availability and minimum order requirements.

Zintec is recognisable by its matt grey appearance, significantly different to the bright surface of hot dip galvanized sheets. Zintec should not be used in corrosive environments without an additional protection such as our powder coatings

Zintec offers a number of advantages over ordinary uncoated mild steel. Zintec’s corrosion resistance protects the steel in transit, in storage, during the production process, and for finished products.

Due to the Zintec material and the powder coating processes, there is several layers of Zinc which protects the finished product. This makes for a fantastic cost effective solution with adequate protection for a long lasting product in a range of colours to match.