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Wooden Planters

Posted by admin on November 14, 2012  /   Posted in Wooden Planters

When it comes to your plants and other greenery, you want your plant pots to look the part, but some types of materials and finishes don’t fit the surrounding areas. This is where our wooden planters come into play. Wooden planters offer a traditional style that is well suited to be in your garden. As the wood can be painted or stained, it has an extremely high possibility that it will match the surrounding areas and won’t look out of place.

Wooden Planters can be manufactured to your personal specifications. Whether it is a complex shape or something simple and straight forward, there is always a way to get the job done.

Wooden Planters usually last 3-5 years before clear signs of degradation start to show but when some regular maintenance they can last much longer and in some cases they can last 10+ years down the line.

Wooden Planters are not the lightest material especially when filled with earth and plants, but this helps the fact they will be more resistant to windy elements. As these can be Large Planters, they can either come in a flat pack form or can be fully built for you. Just remember that if they are full built that there is enough access to get the planters to the area required.


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