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What is The Corten Planter

Posted by admin on November 14, 2012  /   Posted in Corten planters

Corten Steel (Officially COR-TEN™) is a weathering steel. This means that it has been designed to withstand the weathering elements. Corten was also designed to remove the need for painting to stop it from degrading over time. Over time, this will leave a stable rust-like appearance while being out in the elements.


Due to the chemical compositions of the steel alloy, they exhibit an increased resistance to atmospheric corrosion when comparing to other materials. This is due to a protective layer that forms on its surface when it is subjected to our weather conditions.

The protective layer that develops over the surface regenerates continuously when subjected to our weather conditions. This means that the steel is designed to rust to create its protective layer.

Another thing to note is that although it has the “Rust” effect, the rust will not run off and stain the surrounding areas. This helps to keep your rustic look and feel but keep the cleaning to a minimum.


Weather steel is a popular choice for sculptures that will be sitting outside where the weather will influence its look. Weathered Steel such as Corten is also used as exterior facades as it offers the rustic antique look which helps restoring old buildings that will last much longer but give the same “old” effect.

Other uses are on very large structural environments such as bridges which mean that it can remaining maintenance free for many years to come.

Recently, it has become cheap enough to produce Corten Planters for your garden which again offers the rustic look that will suit many garden areas.


Weathering steel is not 100% rust resistant. If water is allowed to accumulate in areas, those areas will experience higher rates of corrosion. This means that there must be provisions in place to remove water through the object.

Another thing to be careful of is its location as Corten Steel can be sensitive to salty air conditions such as coastal areas. It is likely that the protective layer cannot regenerate at a steady rate which will cause it to corrode quicker than normal.


So to summarize, Corten Planters are on the move and will gain more popularity within the commercial and residential areas but it will still be used for larger applications as it still offers great value and makes it stand out.

Large Planters can be made and can be used a barriers in commercial areas or can even hide an unsightly fencing panel when combined with a large bush type plant.

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