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Rooftop Planters

Posted by admin on November 14, 2012  /   Posted in Rooftop Planters

Rooftop Gardens are becoming more and more widespread and not only make you feel better but also helps the landscaping when looking at the bigger picture. Rooftop Planters need to be made with some weight in mind because when the wind starts to flare up, it can become strong enough to knock over lightweight items and cause havoc. Of course this is also escalated further the higher up a building your go as wind speeds start to increase.

Rooftop Planters can be made into many shapes and sizes to suit your every need and desire to make your rooftop garden look its best. Not to mention if you add some discrete back lighting, you can make a sensational lounging/dining/hot tub area that will make you and your guests comfortable for hours to come.

Rooftop Planters offer some privacy and also offer a visually pleasing experience to help sculpt your Rooftop Gardens into an extension of your home.

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