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Rooftop Gardens and the practicality behind them

Posted by admin on November 14, 2012  /   Posted in Rooftop Gardens

So you live in the big city which usually means tall buildings and not much garden area if any at all. So if you do happen to have a roof terrace or a shared communal area, why not make it into a nice useable area and transform it into a Rooftop Garden.

Not only will this make the building look better, but it will expand on your home and give you another avenue to relax in a garden environment. Just think about it, you can actually have a barbeque in the summer outside without gassing yourself out (But make sure you have proper ventilation and no fire hazards around).

I hear you ask…What kind of things can you put in a Rooftop Garden?

Well there are many things that you can put on your Roof Top Garden and here are a few of them for you to think about when designing your Roof Top Garden.



You can make your own mini garden where you can grow your own food and your own flowers which will help make the garden more colourful and will also give you the satisfaction that you have made your own fresh food.

You can also get yourself some normal grass or some artificial (Astroturf) grass to give you somewhere to kick off your shoes and top up on your sun tan and feel like you are in a nice natural garden area.

Barriers and Planters

Barriers can take many forms and use many different materials. Many people will use a combination of some Railings/Fencing and also some Large Planters to make the area more pleasing and interesting.

Barriers and Large Planters can also be added to your rooftop garden to help surround the area for the added extra privacy from prying eyes in the building across from you. This will also make you small rooftop garden more colourful and intriguing to look at as well.

Water Features and Irrigation

Add a water feature as a part of the Large Planters and install an irrigation system to help automate the watering process for your greenery.

Water features offer a tranquil sensation and can add to the relaxing atmosphere.


Lighting is also an important thing to consider as well. You can place some strategic ambient lighting within your Rooftop Garden so that you add to the atmosphere.

I would recommend looking to invest in some RGB colour changing lights which will help change the atmosphere depending on the mood that you are going for. Switch from a cool calm blue light to an amber coloured light with the press of a button. This is sure to impress your guests and help light and change the atmosphere whenever you need to.


A nicely designed Rooftop Garden can also help with the heating insulation and stop heat from escaping through the roof area. This in turn will help you save on heating bills in the long run.

Another advantage is that it will add value to your building, so when/if you come to sell it, you will get more money for a good looking Rooftop Garden which will also add an extra room to use when it is needed.

There is another environmental advantage and that is reducing your carbon footprint. As your plants take in carbon dioxide, they convert it to oxygen that is released back into the air. As the Rooftop Garden is higher up, it has the opportunity to convert more of the carbon dioxide that is higher up and out of reach of the plants on ground level.

Another advantage is that the use of the barriers and Rooftop Planters and significantly reduces outside noises while you are trying to sleep. Imagine having a perfectly quiet peaceful night’s sleep without being rudely awoken by the sound of traffic outside or the honk of a horn.

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