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Planter Design

Complex Planter Design specification

Complex Planter Design specification

BSpoke Design manufactures a wide range of metalwork components and architectural features to clients’ designs for shops offices and hotels.

The BSPOKE team offer a friendly and approachable professional service and welcome all enquiries regardless of the nature or size of the enquiry. Enquiries from single containers through to development projects are all welcome. We feel that it is important to engage in dialogue with the customer so that we understand your precise requirements. As many clients have strict timelines we keep you informed throughout as to when a delivery can be expected. Our team typically turnaround projects within 3-8 weeks subject to requirements.

BSpoke Design has the facilities to produce metal planters up to 3m in length and specialise in fabrication of most materials. Our Metals Planters are the ideal way to give your garden the stylish designer look. We pride ourselves in manufacturing high quality yet affordable metal planters for both domestic and commercial projects.

From a single planter to a complete theme we can supply to suit your exact needs. Please have a look at some of the materials we can work with.

We also stock an extensive range of Metal Planters including Galvanised Steel, Stainless Steel, Powder coated, Mild Steel, Aluminium, Zinc, Copper…We can also manufacture complex shapes such twisted planters and tapered planters.

Standard Seamed Container

Our standard containers are manufactured using a lock & form process which produces a solid container from sheet metal. It features seams where the metal is folded and locking into place and riveted at the top to secure the panels and maintain the structural integrity.

The thickness of the metal is dependent on the size of the container. This container features a 20mm return lip and drainage holes. We provide a number of options to improve the aesthetic appearance of the container and provide additional features for different applications.

Large Planters

We also specialize in customized Large Planters and Large Trough Containers.

High-End Commercial Planters

3mm – 5mm Containers
Option galvanised liners

Adjustable feet
Raised base for forklift
Polythene lined
Range of RAL or Metallic Finishes
Optional water reservoir

Custom Designs

Do you have a complex design?
Send us your design via email or fax so we can come back to you with a quote for your project.