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Hot Dip Galvanised Steel Planters

hot-dipped-galvanised-seamless-containers-Shiney Metal PlanterHot dip galvanised containers are highly durable, tough and provide a unique urban industrial look. Our hop dip containers are dearer then pre-galvanised containers as these containers are manufactured from mild steel and then undergo a hot-dip process where the container is submerged in a molten zinc bath providing superior corrosion resistance. Once it is hot dip galvanised, a shiny bright metallic finish with variations of shimmer is produced leaving you with a shiney metal planter.

There is slight distortion in the material due to the heat process, however this adds to the industrial character of the container. Please be aware that while a great or matte appearance may occur, this matte appearance does not reduce the long term atmospheric corrosion protection of the steel.

Due to the hop dip process, these shiney metal planters are very heavy duty sturdy containers to have. The hop dip process also increases life span significantly.