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Cor-Ten Steel Planters

The Naturally aged rust look of Cor-Ten steel makes it one of the newly popular materials for outdoor planters. Cor-Ten steel is a solution for highly durable architectural planters, for both commercial and domestic use.

Cor-Ten is a copper chromium alloy steel and when it is left in the atmosphere, rust occurs first in the same way as ordinary steel, but a dense protective rust forms on the surface of the steel due to the action of the alloy element over time inhibiting the later development of further rust.

Cor-Ten exhibits a yellowish appearance in the initial stage of rust and the colour gradually changes to brown. Then as it sits in its surrounding environment the colour changes to a sedate blackish brown in one to two years.

We manufacture in a standard thickness of 1.5mm, however we can produce in 3mm and 6mm for container in public areas. A cost-effective seamed container is also available.

Cor-Ten requires no maintenance, however some designer have used a light coating of oil to slightly alter the look. This would need to be reapplied every year. As with real rust, it will leach especially over the first year and this can stain. The patina of age will develop over time and this also provides additional strength over time.

We can manufacture custom sizes to suit your needs and include laser cut patterns, rounded forms and raised planters as well as manufacture large sectional containers to form large planting beds. Large containers can also be manufactured with sides only to reduce weight and cost.