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We supply an extensive range of adjustable brackets for our window boxes. This fits most windows boxes and can be adjusted to fit balcony rails or walls.

Adjustable Window Box Bracket

  • Wall mounted with adjustable bar.
  • Adjustable trough width 143mm – 213mm
  • Support bar available for heavier boxes

Asjustable Balcony Bracket

  • To fit balconies, walls, fences, railings and trellis
  • Adjustable fixing position 25mm – 128mm
  • Asjustable trough width 134mm – 209mm

bespoke-planter-with-custom-bracket-attachedExtra Wide Bracket

  • To fit wide balconies and wide walls
  • Adjustable fixing position 136mm – 273mm
  • Adjustable trough width 143mm – 213mm

Stirrup Bracket

Various sizes available


Left to right: Wall Mounted > Support Bar > Balcony Bracket > Wide Wall Bracket > Stirrup Bracket