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Additional Features

Here are some of the additional features that we can add to our containers. We are only limited by what our imagination is capable of showing us.

  • bespoke-planter-with-custom-bracket-attachedCustom sizes & Shapes – We are able to manufacture any size or shape
  • External surface finishing – We provide a range of powder coating finishes for our containers including metallics. Containers can also be hot baked with a clear lacquer for additional protection.
  • Fully welded containers – For premium quality, we are able to manufacture seamless fully welded containers. We also offer part folded and welded containers.
  • Drainage Holes – This is drilled into the base of the container and allows water to drain at the base.
  • Internal bracing or structural support – This is required to prevent bowing if the containers are extra long. In some cases this is not essential if the material has a substantial gauge.
  • Channel supported raised base – Ideal for forklift access or if the container needs to be raised from the ground.
  • Polymer lined or sealed – All containers can be polymer lined to prevent internal corrosion or sealed with an exterior waterproof sealant to make the containers water tight.
  • Raise Plinth – An aesthetic feature but also protects the metal panel from direct contact with the ground. Suitable for stainless steel or powder coated planters.
  • Flat Base – This is recommended if the containers need to sit on a wall.
  • Feet or adjustable feet – Feet can be placed in the corner of the containers which can be adjusted on uneven ground. Only applicable on selected containers.
  • Castors – Containers are moveable with castors. These can be mounted on a flat base or recessed base.
  • Galvanised Liner – An internal container with handles or a lifting bracket for fast plant change.
  • Corner Lifting Bracket – The feature is useful if the containers need to be lifted to provide off site maintenance. This is normally integrated inside the container or the galvanised liner.
  • Internal root ball anchors – These are located at the base or near the top to help stabilise the tree.
  • LED Lighting – We can supply basic plinth lighting, plant lighting, up lighting and down lighting. The LED lighting will require a mains power supply.
  • Irrigation systems – Mona watering system consisting of reservoir tanks and linking pipes.
  • Insulation – Recommended for metal planters to prevent the roots from overheating. HD Polystyrene is lined internally.

For more details about additional features (in this list or in your own plans), contact us and we will be able to offer you the best solutions for your needs.